Tarika Dangnak "Mam" Assistant Quest ManagerTarika Dangnak "Mam" Assistant Quest Manager
Tarika Dangnak "Mam"
Assistant Quest Manager

"Assistant Camp Leader"

Always full of bubbling energy, Khun Tarika has an impressive recreation and adventure background. Originally from Bangkok, Khun Tarika is definitely not a city girl but is an experienced tour guide, Kid's Club Manager and activity leader who is able to inspire children to reach their potential. It is likely her huge smile and sense of fun that encourage all around her to join in and 'give it a go'.

With a good understanding of group dynamics, child interaction and team support structures, Khun Tarika plays a crucial role in all Quest camps. Her interests include all sports and recreational pursuits but most of all basketball, taekwondo, tennis and rock climbing.

Surapong Suya "M" Quest Activity SupervisorSurapong Suya "M" Quest Activity Supervisor
Surapong Suya "M"
Quest Activity Supervisor

"Camp Supervisor"

A warm and welcoming presence, Khun Surapong hails from Northern Thailand and is a master of the outdoors. His skills in rope work, survival and outdoor education are based on a solid training foundation and years of personal experience since he was a young boy. Khun Surapong takes delight in teaching others about the wilderness and he is a highly-tuned athlete, story teller and musician. His stories around the campfire will keep camp participants entertained for hours and the evening always ends with a guitar and sing-along.

He regularly participates in a number of high level sports including the Laguna Phuket Triathlon and his main interests are running, rock climbing and outdoor adventure.

Yannawet Temiyanon "Bank" Quest Activity CoordinatorYannawet Temiyanon "Bank" Quest Activity Coordinator
Yannawet Temiyanon "Bank"
Quest Activity Coordinator

"Camp Coordinator"

Despite being born under the bright lights of Bangkok, Khun Yannawet feels most at home in the big outdoors.

With a B.A. in English Language, he started his career as an entrepreneur, operating his own fish farm in a rural area of Thailand and here fine-tuned the skills needed to camp successfully in the wilderness.

A keen sportsman, Khun Yannawet regularly participates in tennis, cable skiing and horse riding and joined Quest while looking for 'his next big adventure'. This was certainly guaranteed at Quest and he brings this passion for adventure to Camp Quest.

The core Quest team is supplemented by a group of support staff who join Camp Quest on a regular basis and assist in all aspects of the camp.


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A great mix of fun adventure and meaningful offsite excursions.
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