Learning outcomes will consist of several of the below topics and will depend upon the demographics of the group, total number of camp participants, age of the group, and time of year.

Marine Workshop


Participants will be introduced to marine conservation in the initial workshop before heading out into the field and participating in real conservation efforts that make a difference.

  • Sea turtle populations in Thailand and the problems facing them
  • Fish found in the seas of Thailand and their role in the marine environment
  • Problems facing fish populations in South East Asia
  • Snorkelling and reef cleaning
  • Possible turtle or fish release depending upon time of year
  • Support work in the Phuket Marine Biological Centre for injured turtles

Forest Workshop


Students will be introduced to forest and land protection techniques in the morning before putting their knowledge into practice in the afternoon with our team of experts.

  • Concentration of mangrove forests around the world
  • Importance of mangrove trees to the ecosystem
  • Symbiosis of mangrove forests and marine ecosystems, including coral reefs
  • Problems facing mangrove forests and their causes
  • Methods for protecting mangrove forests and associated ecosystems
  • Planting of new mangrove tree saplings in appropriate areas
  • Bird and animal watching and identification
  • Prevention of land erosion

Community Workshop


With Laguna Phuket's dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility department, we travel to meet those communities that need our support. Working to create better and greener communities, students will get to lend a hand to those in need.

  • Stray dogs in Phuket and the work of various organisations in caring for them
  • Problems facing rural communities and schools
  • Importance of recycling and environmental protection
  • Beach cleaning
  • Support work with the Soi Dog Foundation for homeless dogs and cats
  • Basic school or community renovation and beautification
  • Participation in ongoing recycling projects


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